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Here is where you can take the first step to becoming Miss Kentucky by entering one of the local scholarship pageants held throughout the year across the state.  Please check back frequently for updates. 
Links to pageant locations are provided when available, otherwise location addresses are given to assist those interested in attending and the show times are posted.  Contestants will need to check with directors for rehearsal and interview times.  Information will be added when it has been provided and okayed by the state director.  Names of the 2016 titleholders will be added once verified with regional or local directors.
 For additional contestant information regarding eligibility and participation qualifications and Children's Miracle Network fundraising requirements please visit the Contestant Information section of this website.  If you are interested in directing a local preliminary contact Justin Rains at
Pageants with an Outstanding Teen and/or Little Miss/Pre-Teen pageant are noted.  Please contact local directors for details.
***Directors and Contestants should be aware that the talent time limit is 90 seconds for local, state and national pageants for ALL divisions (little miss, pre-teen, teen & miss)***
***Directors and Contestants should also be aware that contestants who have competed at Miss Kentucky or Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen cannot enter the same local pageant the following year in order to win a different title within that local organization (this includes teens moving up to the miss division).  Contestants must wait a year before representing the same local organization at the state level in teen and/or miss.***
***Any contestant who will turn 25 on or before December 31, 2016 is not eligible to compete for Miss Kentucky 2016***


Miss Ashland Area Scholarship Organization
February 20, 2016
Raceland High School Cultural Arts Center
(600 Ram Drive, Raceland)
Executive Director: Lee Gibbs
109 Stoneybrooke Drive
Ashland, KY  41101
606-831-3172 (H)
606-325-7891 (W)
(Open Statewide)

*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions closed to Boyd, Carter and Greenup counties.
Miss Ashland Area 2016, Hope LeMaster
Miss Goldenrod 2016, Georgia Gardner
Miss Ashland Area's Outstanding Teen 2016, Olivia Couchot
Miss Goldenrod's Outstanding Teen 2016, Meredith Addington


Miss Black U of L Scholarship Organization
March 24, 2016
Middleton Auditorium
(Strickler Hall Room 101, 2010 S Avery Court, Louisville)
Executive Director: Kendra Ford
1102 Winners Circle #14
Louisville, KY 40242
(Open to all University of Louisville students)

 Miss Black U of L 2016, Alexis Murry


Miss Bowling Green / Miss Mammoth Cave Area / Miss Western Kentucky Scholarship Organization
October 3, 2015
Application deadline: September 26, 2015
(Hilltop Drive - Bowling Green)
Directors: Keith Brown & Regina Webb
1250 Western Street
Bowling Green, KY  42104
270-246-0035 (Keith)
270-792-1015 (Regina)

(Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen division
Miss Bowling Green 2016, Annie Franklin
Miss Mammoth Cave Area 2016, Haley Wheeler
Miss Western Kentucky 2016, Alyssa Robb
Miss Bowling Green's Outstanding Teen 2016, Hannah Robb
Miss Mammoth Cave Area's Outstanding Teen 2016, Noelle Thompson



Miss Cumberland Falls / Miss Southeast Kentucky Scholarship Organization


November 28, 2015
Entry Deadline: November 1, 2015
North Laurel High School Auditorium
(1300 East Hal Rogers Parkway, London)

 Co-Directors: Darrell & Susan Weaver
PO Box 434
Pittsburg, KY  40755
(606) 309-1496

(Both titles will be Closed to Laurel, Knox, Whitley, Bell, Harlan, Leslie, Clay, Pulaski, Jackson, Rockcastle, McCreary & Wayne counties)


Miss Cumberland Falls/Miss Southeast Kentucky website


(includes Little Miss, Pre-Tee & Outstanding Teen divisions)

Miss Southeast Kentucky 2016, Brooke Danielle Way
Miss Cumberland Falls' Outstanding Teen 2016, Alexis Broughton
Miss Southeast Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2016, Zoe Stinson


Miss Danville / Miss Heart of Kentucky / Miss Pride of Boyle County Scholarship Organization
Deadline for entry is February 2, 2016
February 13, 2016
Gravely Hall, Danville High School
(203 E Lexington Avenue)
Director: Susan Smith Parks
306 E First Street
Perryville, KY  40468
(859) 332-0049 (home)
(859) 319-8427 (cell)
(Two Titles Open Statewide / One Title Closed to Danville and Boyle County High School students)

(includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions)
Miss Danville 2016, Laura Jones
Miss Heart of Kentucky 2016, Shelby Morgan
Miss Danville's Outstanding Teen 2016, Haven Wolfe
Miss Heart of Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2016, Kelly Wetherton
Miss Admiral Pride's Outstanding Teen 2016, Jasmine Burdette


Miss Grayson / Miss Heart of the Parks Scholarship Organization

April 9, 2016
East Carter High School - Grayson
(405 Hitchins Road)
Director: Deirdre Shufflebarger
532 Hillview Street
Grayson KY 41143
606-474-7565 (H)
606-923-0852 (W)
(Closed to Carter, Boyd, Elliott, Greenup, Lawrence, Lewis & Rowan Counties / Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Grayson 2016, Charlee Schaefer
Miss Heart of the Parks 2016, Abby Frazier


Miss Horse Capital of the World / Miss Tops In Lex Scholarship Organization
October 24, 2015
(Miss & Teen interviews willl be conducted on 10/23/15)
(450 W Reynolds Road, Lexington)
Director: Lisa Fath 
3964 Boston Road
Lexington, KY 40514
859-321-3600 (Lisa)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Little Miss, Pre-Teen & Outstanding Teen divisions (open statewide)

Miss Horse Capital of the World 2016, Lydia Allen
Miss Tops in Lexington 2016, Allyson Ledford
Miss Horse Capital of the World's Outstanding Teen 2016, Chapel Tinius
Miss Tops in Lexington's Outstanding Teen 2016, Joanna Clark
Miss Thoroughbred Country's Outstanding Teen 2016, Abigail Quammen


Miss Jefferson County / Miss Belle of Louisville Scholarship Organization
October 10, 2015
Conrad Bachman Auditorium
Valley Traditional High School
(10200 Dixie Highway - Louisville)
Director:  Pamela Bratcher
Assistant Director: Sarah Wise
PO Box 58145
Louisville, KY  40268
502-386-4479 (Pam)
502-303-2982 (Sarah)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Jefferson County 2016, Talia Horn
Miss River City 2016, Cynthia Thomas
Miss Belle of Louisville 2016, Katie Bouchard
Miss Jefferson County's Outstanding Teen 2016, Logan Hornback
Miss Belle of Louisville's Outstanding Teen 2016, Lauren Barrett
Miss River City's Outstanding Teen 2016, Amanda Harder


Miss Magoffin County Scholarship Organization
September 4, 2015
(239 S Church Street, Salyersville)
Director: Jincy Bailey
217 Kelly Branch Road
Salyersville KY 41465
606-349-1113 (Home)
606-496-7304 (Cell)
606-884-7926 (Work)

(Closed to Magoffin, Floyd, Morgan, Johnson & Breathitt Counties)
Miss Magoffin County 2016, Kathleen Smith


Miss McCrearyFest Scholarship Organization
September 26, 2016
McCreary Central High School Auditorium
(400 Raider Way, Stearns)
Director: Shelley Gilreath
PO Box 245

Whitley City,  KY 42653
(Open Statewide)

*includes Outstanding Teen, Pre-Teen & Little Miss divisions
Miss McCrearyFest 2016, Laura Rose Castle
Miss Historic Stearns 2016, Tyra Sengkhamyong
Miss McCrearyFest's Oustanding Teen 2016, Ally VanHook


Miss Monticello Scholarship Organization
November 21, 2015
5 PM
Entry Deadline: November 11, 2015
(2 Kenny Davis Boulevard, Monticello)
Director: Joey Neal
151 Bowlin Rd

Monticello KY 42633
606-348-0991 (Home)
606-348-6691 (Work)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen division open statewide
Miss Monticello 2016, Dakoda Trenary
Miss Wayne County Area 2016, Molly Matney
Miss Monticello's Outstanding Teen 2016, Reagan Earlywine


Miss Northern Kentucky Scholarship Organization
March 26, 2016
2:30 PM

Farish Auditorium - Downtown Lexington Public Library
(140 E Main Street)
Executive Director: Heath Green
Assistant Director: Lisa Fath

897 Henderson Drive 
Lexington, KY 40515
(859) 613-1204 (Heath)
 (859) 321-3600 (Lisa)
(Miss Only, Open Statewide)

Miss Northern Kentucky, Abbigaile Gibson
Miss Eastern Kentucky, Molly Kothlow


Miss Ohio Valley / Miss Metro Louisville / Miss Derby City Scholarship Organization
April 10, 2016
Hyatt Regency Downtown Louisville
(311 S 4th Street)
Director: Stephanie Warren
PO Box 395
La Grange, KY 40031
(Open Statewide)

*includes Outstanding Teen, Pre-Teen and Little Miss divisions
Miss Ohio Valley 2016, Karlee Crose
Miss Metro Louisville's Outstanding Teen 2016, Courtney Rager
Miss Ohio Valley's Outstanding Teen 2016, Molly Sullivan


Miss Somerset Community College Scholarship Organization
March 12, 2016
(2292 S US Hwy 27, Somerset)
Director: Ron Meade
808 Monticello Street
Somerset, KY  42501
(Closed to current SCC students and alumnae who have completed a minimum of 6 credit hours, including online courses, and high school seniors in Adair, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Lincoln, McCreary, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russell, Wayne & Whitley counties)
Miss Somerset Community College 2016, Haley Taulbee


Miss University of Kentucky / Miss Lexington / Miss Fayette County Scholarship Organization
New date due to weather: 
(Corner of Rose & Euclid, Lexington)
Directors: Seth Richardson & Aleigh Oney-Zimmerman
1410 Audubon Avenue
Lexington, KY  40503
859-619-5735 (Seth)
606-831-9771 (Aleigh)
(Closed to current University of Kentucky students / Open Statewide)
Miss University of Kentucky 2016, Alex Francke
Miss Lexington 2016, Emily Sharp
Miss Fayette County 2016, MacKenzie Hammond


Miss University of Louisville / Miss Cardinal Country Scholarship Organization
March 5, 2016
7 PM
(2100 S Floyd Street, Louisville)
Directors: Jeanine Triplett & Trudy Wheeler
7203 Limestone Court
Crestwood, KY  40014
502-241-5273 (Jeanine home)
502-671-2021 (Jeanine work)
502-693-3206 (Jeanine cell)
502-899-7502 (Trudy home)
502-819-1595 (Trudy cell)
(Closed to University of Louisville part-time/full time/graduate students and alumnae)
Miss University of Louisville 2016, Taylor Parks
Miss Cardinal Country 2016, Sidney Cobb


For more information about the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization please contact us at:

Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant
Attention: Justin Rains, Executive Director
251 Chippen Dale Circle #1133
Lexington, KY  40517
Phone: (859) 420-6193

Visit the official Miss America website: