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Here is where you can take the first step to becoming Miss Kentucky by entering one of the local scholarship pageants held throughout the year across the state.  Please check back frequently for updates. 
Links to pageant locations are provided when available, otherwise location addresses are given to assist those interested in attending and the show times are posted.  Contestants will need to check with directors for rehearsal and interview times.  2013 - 2014 info will be added when it has been provided and okayed by the state director.  Names of the 2014 titleholders will be added once verified with regional or local directors.
 For additional contestant information regarding eligibility and participation qualifications and Children's Miracle Network fundraising requirements please visit the Contestant Information section of this website.  If you are interested in directing a local preliminary contact Justin Rains at
Pageants with an Outstanding Teen and/or Little Miss/Pre-Teen pageant are noted.  Please contact local directors for details.
***Directors and Contestants should be aware that the talent time limit on the now 90 seconds for local, state and national pageants for both Miss & Teen.***
***Directors and Contestants should also be aware that contestants who competed at Miss Kentucky 2013 or Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2013 cannot enter the same local pageant in order to win a different title within that local organization in the 2013/2014 pageant season.  Contestants must wait a year before representing the same local organization at the state level.***



Miss Ashland Area / Miss Goldenrod Scholarship Organization
February 22, 2014
Application deadline:  February 18, 2014
Raceland Cultural Arts Center
(500 Ram Boulevard, Raceland)
Co-Executive Directors: Lee Gibbs & Lauren Gibbs Burgess
2431 Henderson Street
Ashland, KY  41102
606-831-3172 (Lee Home)
606-325-7891 (Lee Work)
606-465-9369 (Lauren)
(Open Statewide)

*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions (Teen title open statewide, Little & Pre-Teen closed to area)
Miss Ashland Area 2014, Kathleen Smith
Miss Goldenrod 2014, Kelsey White
Miss Ashland Area's Outstanding Teen 2014, Karoline Edmonds
Miss Goldenrod's Outstanding Teen 2014, Bryce Baker


Miss Berea Area / Miss Richmond Area / Miss Appalachia Area Scholarship Organization
March 29, 2014
(751 Farristown Industrial Drive, Berea)
Co-Executive Directors: Brenda Upton & Ashley Upton
636 Chestnut Street
Berea Ky 40403
859-200-5548 (Brenda Cell)
859-986-2331 (Brenda Work)
859-200-0029 (Ashley's Cell)
(Open Statewide)

Miss Berea Area Website
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Berea Area 2014, Erynn Landherr
Miss Richmond Area 2014, Cynthia Thomas
Miss Berea Area's Outstanding Teen 2014, Hannah Nelms
Miss Richmond Area's Outstanding Teen 2014, Allyson Ledford
Miss Madison County's Outstanding Teen 2014, Jaryn Noble


Miss Bowling Green / Miss Mammoth Cave Area / Miss Western Kentucky Scholarship Organization
January 4, 2014
(Hilltop Drive - Bowling Green)
Director: George T. Reed
PO Box 83
Brownsville, KY  42210
(Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen division
Miss Bowling Green 2014, Claire Butler
Miss Mammoth Cave Area 2014, April Reinle
Miss Bowling Green's Outstanding Teen 2014, Laney Meredith
Miss Mammoth Cave Area's Outstanding Teen 2014, Chapel Tinius


Miss Central Kentucky / Miss Heartland / Miss My Old Kentucky Home Scholarship Organization
October 27, 2013
(384 W.A. Jenkins Road - Elizabethtown)
Directors: Karen Gies & Kelly Knight-Lynch
420 Lasley Run
Cox's Creek, KY  40013
502-348-5467 (Karen Home)
502-507-5467 (Karen Cell)
270-737-4129 (Kelly Home)
270-307-1445 (Kelly Cell) (Karen)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Heartland 2014, Dakoda Trenary
Miss My Old Kentucky Home 2014, Ramsey Carpenter
Miss Heartland's Outstanding Teen 2014, Lydia Johnson
Miss My Old Kentucky Home's Outstanding Teen 2014, Olivia Couchot
Miss Central Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2014, Hayley Leach


Miss Cumberland Falls / Miss Southeast Kentucky / Miss Heart of Kentucky Scholarship Organization
March 2, 2014
(1300 East Hal Rogers Parkway - London)
Co-Directors: Susan Weaver
PO Box 434
Pittsburg, KY  40755
(606) 309-1496 (Susan)
(Cumberland Falls & Southeast KY are Closed to Laurel, Knox, Whitley, Bell, Harlan, Clay, Pulaski, Jackson, Rockcastle & Wayne counties / Heart of Kentucky is Open Statewide)
Miss Cumberland Falls/Miss Southeast Kentucky website
(includes Little Miss, Pre-Tee & Outstanding Teen divisions)
Miss Cumberland Falls 2014, Tawny Aguayo
Miss Southeast Kentucky 2014, Hillary Lewis
Miss Heart of Kentucky 2014, Larkin Walker
Miss Cumberland Falls' Outstanding Teen 2014, Bailee Okuma
Miss Southeast Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2014, Emily Sharp
Miss Heart of Kentucky's Outstanding Teen 2014, Malia Diniz
Miss Tri-County Area's Oustanding Teen 2014, Emily Bramel


Miss Danville / Miss Wilderness Trail Scholarship Organization
April 12, 2014
7 PM Miss & Teen
2 PM Little Miss & Pre-Teen
Lincoln County Middle School
(285 Education Way, Stanford)
Director: Susan Smith Parks
306 E First Street
Perryville, KY  40468
859-332-0049 (home)
859-319-8427 (cell)

(Open Statewide / Wilderness Trail closed to Boyle, Lincoln & Mercer counties)
(includes Little Miss, Pre-Tee & Outstanding Teen divisions)
Miss Danville Pageant website

Miss Danville, Georgia Gardner
Miss Danville's Outstanding Teen, Rosa Mejia


Miss Grayson / Miss Heart of the Parks Scholarship Organization
April 5, 2014
East Carter High School - Grayson
(405 Hitchins Road)
Director: Deirdre Shufflebarger
532 Hillview Street
Grayson KY 41143
606-474-7565 (H)
606-923-0852 (W)
(Closed to Carter, Boyd, Elliott, Greenup, Lawrence, Lewis & Rowan Counties / Open Statewide)
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Grayson 2014, Madison McCowan
Miss Grayson's Outstanding Teen 2014, Hannah Layne


Miss Harlan County / Heart of the Mountains Scholarship Organization
January 11, 2013
(4000 N. US HWY 119 - Baxter, KY)
Co-Directors: Whitney Alred
PO Box 288
Harlan, KY 40831
606-573-4600 (Whitney Work)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Little Miss, Pre-Teen & Outstanding Teen divisions (open statewide)

Miss Harlan County 2014, Miranda Buchanan
Miss Harlan County's Outstanding Teen 2014, Abigail McCowan
Miss Heart of the Mountains' Outstanding Teen 2014, Charlee Schaefer


Miss Horse Capital of the World / Miss Lexington Legends Scholarship Organization
February 1, 2014
Application Deadline: January 19, 2014
(450 W Reynolds Road, Lexington)
Co-Directors: Lisa Fath & Victoria Fath
3964 Boston Road
Lexington, KY 40514
859-321-3600 (Lisa)
859-321-8857 (Victoria)
(Open Statewide)
*includes Little Miss, Pre-Teen & Outstanding Teen divisions (open statewide)

Miss Lexington Legends 2014, Emily Horn
Miss Horse Capital of the World 2014, Caity Jackson
Miss Thoroughbred Country 2014, Katie Himes
Miss Lexington Legends' Outstanding Teen 2014, Caroline Ford
Miss Horse Capital of the World's Outstanding Teen 2014, Cassie Woolley
Miss Thoroughbred Country's Outstanding Teen 2014, Kennedy Sabharwal


Miss Jefferson County / Miss Belle of Louisville Scholarship Organization
November 10, 2013
7 PM
Entry Deadline:  October 28, 2013
(3105 Lexington Road, Bldg 5 - Louisville)
Director:  Pam Bratcher
3538 Ramona Avenue
Louisville, KY 40220
(Open Statewide - Belle of Louisville open to Miss and OT contestants who have never won a Miss/OT title)
*includes Outstanding Teen, Little Miss & Pre-Teen divisions
Miss Jefferson County 2014, Ashley Ferry
Miss River City 2014, Laura Jones
Miss Belle of Louisville 2014, Kyle Hornback
Miss Pride of Cardinal City 2014, Talia Horn
Miss Jefferson County's Outstanding Teen 2014, Abby Easterling
Miss River City's Outstanding Teen 2014, Bailey Wharton
Miss Belle of Louisville's Outstanding Teen 2014, Logan Hornback


Miss Laurel County Homecoming Scholarship Organization
August 17, 2013
Entry Deadline - August 1, 2013
(998 Levi Jackson Mill Road - London)
Directors: Laurel County Homecoming Committee
Chelsea Belt Philpot - Contestant Recruitment Chair
430 Rooks Branch Road
Keavy, KY  40737
(Closed to Laurel County)
*includes Outstanding Teen closed to Laurel County
Miss Laurel County Homecoming 2014, Bendra Worley
Miss Laurel County Homecoming's Outstanding Teen 2014, Emilia Bustle


Miss Magoffin County Scholarship Organization
August 30, 2013
(239 S Church Street, Salyersville)
Director: Jincy Bailey
217 Kelly Branch Road
Salyersville KY 41465
606-349-1113 (H)
606-349-7942 (W)
606-884-7926 (W)

(Closed to Magoffin, Floyd, Morgan, Johnson & Breathitt Counties)
Miss Magoffin County 2014, Lindsey Phillips
Miss Magoffin County's Outstanding Teen 2014, Kennedy Garrett


Miss Monticello / Miss Wayne County Scholarship Organization
November 23, 2013
(2 Kenny Davis Boulevard, Monticello)
Director: Joey Neal
151 Bowlin Rd

Monticello KY 42633
(Open Statewide / Closed to Wayne County)
*includes Outstanding Teen divisions open statewide and closed to Wayne County
Miss Monticello 2014, Kiley Shuffett
Miss Monticello's Outstanding Teen 2014, Makayela Banks
Miss Wayne County Area's Outstanding Teen 2014, Molly Dalton


Miss Ohio Valley / Miss Metro Louisville / Miss Derby City Scholarship Organization
March 8, 2014
Deadline:  February 25, 2014
(3105 Lexington Road, Bldg 5 - Louisville)
Director: Stephanie Warren
PO Box 395
La Grange, KY 40031
(Open Statewide)

*includes Outstanding Teen, Pre-Teen and Little Miss divisions

Miss Ohio Valley 2014, Wesley Ware
Miss Metro Louisville 2014, Lydia Allen
Miss Ohio Valley's Outstanding Teen 2014, Alex Francke
Miss Metro Louisville's Outstanding Teen 2014, Harper Gray
Miss Derby City's Outstanding Teen 2014, Taylor Dile
Miss Heart of Louisville's Outstanding Teen 2014, Kyleigh Withers


Miss Somerset Community College Scholarship Organization
March 8, 2014
(2292 S US Hwy 27, Somerset)
Director: Ron Meade
808 Monticello Street
Somerset, KY  42501
(Closed to current students (min 6 credit hours) and alumnae (min 12 credit hours) of SCC and high school seniors in Adair, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Lincoln, McCreary, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russell, Wayne & Whitley Counties)

Miss Somerset Community College 2014, Shelby Stringer


Miss University of Kentucky / Miss Lexington Scholarship Organization
January 24, 2014
(Corner of Rose & Euclid, Lexington)
Directors: Logan Thompson & Dana Peddicord
1410 Audubon Avenue
Lexington, KY  40503
812-774-7044 (Logan)
859-361-5459 (Dana)
(Closed to current University of Kentucky students / Miss Lexington title is also open to all contestants statewide)
Miss University of Kentucky 2014, Kaley Tabor
Miss Lexington 2014, Melissa Cox
Miss Fayette County 2014, KaShara Garrett


Miss University of Louisville / Miss Cardinal Country Scholarship Organization
March 5, 2014
7 PM
(2100 S Floyd Street, Louisville)
Directors: Jeanine Triplett & Trudy Wheeler
7203 Limestone Court
Crestwood, KY  40014
502-241-5273 (Jeanine home)
502-671-2021 (Jeanine work)
502-693-3206 (Jeanine cell)
502-899-7502 (Trudy home)
502-819-1595 (Trudy cell)
(Closed to University of Louisville part-time/full time/graduate students and alumnae)
Miss University of Louisville 2014, Megan Devine
Miss Cardinal Country 2014, Hannah Estes


For more information about the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization please contact us at:

Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant
Attention: Jamie Breeding, Executive Director
3284 Shoal Lake Drive
Lexington, KY  40515
Phone: (859) 273-4931



Visit the official Miss America website: