5 Activities That Will Keep Your Child Busy During Lockdown

Every one of us is forced to stay indoors during the current pandemic; it is important for parents to keep their child entertained and keep everybody happy. In today’s post, we will check out some fun things you can do with your kids during this lockdown period.

  1. Do art & craft

Since most of the schools are shut down because of the lockdown, kids are getting highly bored at home. By involving your child in some art and craft fun, you will not just help them to pass their time very easily but giving them wings to the creativity.  Making simple and easy craft projects will help your child sharpen their artistic talents & their minds.

  1. Practice storytelling & writing stories

There is a huge difference in reading aloud & reading in head, and it is something you will have to work with your kid on improving this skill. Allow them to build their confidence & use their vivid creation and imagination when they story tell right from their head. Suppose this is the new activity, you will help them to build story until they are confident. Storytelling is an important skill they will have fun now & appreciate it later. Get in this storytelling activity just by asking questions when there is a room. Then, help them to get this story on paper!

  1. Playdoh

Playdoh is all time favorite, particularly for the younger children who are in arts & crafts. This creative potential is totally endless & you may always order supplies to pass this isolation time with some flying colors!

  1. Practice & teach yoga

Another easiest & healthiest things you must consider doing with your children is to let them practice Yoga and meditation daily. It is good for improving their overall health & keeps their energy levels high during such times! It’s also one wonderful opportunity of teaching your kids an importance of having the good health.

  1. Teach them gsardening

Gardening will help your kids to learn about where the food comes from, or how things grow. Suppose you and kids should be indoors for some time, and cannot go outside enjoying the nature, think of creating the indoor garden. Suppose you are not very sure where to begin, there are a lot of YouTube channels that explain this process in detail, giving you right advice on easiest things on how to grow.